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Dan Atrill

Digital Media Consultant

Dan has been involved in web and wider software development for over twenty years. More recently his skills base has extended to mobile apps and video.

He has worked on the digital communications of some of the UK’s biggest brands including Sainsbury’s, Orange, Barclays, Walkers Crisps and B&Q, and recently developed websites for Better and Triple Point to name a few.

Alexander Ashworth

CEO & Creative Director

Alex leads the Manifest team having spent over twenty years with global branding agencies.

Simon Paterson

Brand Consultant

Simon helps organisations to understand their DNA and create more distinctive self-expression.

Edmund Ward

Senior Designer

Ed brings creative flair and an unwavering eye for detail to digital, print and web design.

Dan Atrill

Digital Media Consultant

Dan is highly skilled in mobile apps in addition to 20 years' experience in web and software development.

Jane Van Tonder

Studio Manager

Jane keeps everything running smoothly in terms of managing time, budgets, costs and resources.

Alex Musson

Digital Media Consultant (IA/UX)

Alex is a specialist User Experience and Information Architecture designer and project manager.